About us

 AjTak, News Pakistan is a fast growing online platform. To date, News Pakistan has been updated under the supervision of a team of authoritative and experienced journalists. Our team of hardworking and seasoned journalists promotes Urdu all over the world including Shab-e-Waruz Pakistan and provides timely news to the readers. Our goal is to provide our readers with information without any political, social, linguistic or religious differences while remaining neutral.

To date, interesting articles and analysis by well-known writers have been added to the News Pakistan platform. At the same time, it is our priority to provide opportunities for new writers to showcase their talents.

To date, News Pakistan is the only online platform that is committed to representing every country. To this end, we

A worldwide network of representatives has been established. All delegates have been given free access to the online platform so that they can cover news and issues in their respective areas. In addition, we strive to provide full coverage to individuals and organizations working for the well-being of society in every area, so that goodness may be promoted and those who do good deeds may be encouraged.

Overseas Pakistanis should publish their issues on our platform so that they can be heard by the concerned authorities.